Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Beginning...

Four years ago I wouldn't have known a sewing needle from a tooth's true! Then God brought Nicole into my life and changed everything...people actually MAKE their own clothes...NO WAY!!! How cool, right? Home cooked meals don't come from the microwave oven, or a box??? CRAZY!!! And so it began, my journey to becoming what Nicky likes to call, A Modern Day Sally Homemaker, gotta love her! With everything that I have learned, and everything still left to learn, I wanted to start a blog to document and share my experiences with all of the women...and men out there. Whether you are still making dinner from a box and have a lot to learn, or are a total pro and have made your entire wardrobe, I think there is something here for everyone. Please enjoy!!!

Love to all, Crystal 

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